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It’s Time to Elevate.

We are a Full-Service Education Consultancy that Offers a Variety of Professional Development and Design Solutions for Teachers.

Who We Are:

EduElevate was born out of a passion to help teachers push the boundaries of Innovation in Education.

Our team of Teacher Innovators believe in lifelong and mutual learning – we see true innovation in Education as teachers coming together to collaborate through passion and love with the ultimate goal of changing the face of Education not only in South Africa, but the world.

Our ‘Why’:

We embrace and encourage a culture of coming together, sharing, embracing and elevating ideas that will ultimately create magical opportunities in Education.

Today, it is more important than ever before to embrace Future Thinking in our classrooms and beyond. Skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and more are all Future Skills that will help us adapt to and thrive in an ever-changing future.

EduElevate was founded on this exact principle – to help teachers find exciting and meaningful ways to incorporate Future Thinking in their lessons.

Our range of Future Thinking hands-on and interactive workshops, as well as personalised design services for teachers and schools aim to empower, inspire and elevate innovation in Education.

We show teachers how to effectively integrate Future Thinking through technology in a meaningful and pragmatic way to illuminate potential and magic in schools.   

We Love Working with Education Rebels and Dreamers.

And We Would Love to ‘Rebel’ and Dream with You!

What We Offer:


Our range of interactive workshops challenge teachers to think critically about EdTech and Education.

Each workshop encourages active engagement where teachers brainstorm innovative ideas, identify opportunities, make decisions and develop solutions using EdTech tools and strategies!


Need a speaker or trainer for your next Edu-Innovation / EdTech event or workshop? We would love to be part of the excitement!

Having spoken at events attended by local and international guests from as far as Dubai and London, our founder, Frankie Cilliers would love to inspire and empower your guests!


Are you a teacher job hunting and need a bit of help to redesign your CV? Or perhaps you’re looking to add a bit of magic to your classroom through professionally designed posters.

Our ‘Edu-Graphic-Magineers’ are ready to create something spectacular for you! We also assist schools with graphic design needs. 


We understand that some schools and teachers prefer customised and more personal professional development and design solutions.

EduElevate is ready to inspire and empower your team and would love to discuss a more personalised solution for your school or team that are specific to your unique needs.

Backed by Our Passion for Teachers and Education.

Everything We Do is Inspired by Our Over 13 Years’ Experience in the Education Sector and Our three Core Values:

1. Growth & Transformation

We work with teachers and schools to prioritise and realise opportunities in Education so they can grow and build innovative agility. We help define and implement transformation, change and potential.

2. Purpose, Meaning & Strategy

Frankly Innovate supports teachers to discover and realise their purpose, strategy and vision in terms of Technology and Creativity in Education. We focus on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ – the bigger picture and the deeper meaning.

We help teachers understand how to use and how they can implement tools and strategies when teachers have a deeper understanding of why they are doing something and the benefit the change or implementation adds, real innovation is able to take place.

3. Individuality

We fully embrace the individual ideas and dreams of other teachers and love learning from other teachers at our workshops and events!

A big focus of our consultancy has always been to encourage mutual-learning amongst teachers providing educators with a space where they can feel empowered and motivated to share their unique ideas and strategies.

We Encourage Meaningful, Practical, Creative & Dynamic Collaboration.

EduElevate Believes in Creating Innovation Together through Bravery and Curiosity.


I am Frankie Cilliers. I have been in the education industry for the last twelve years. EduElevate was born out of a passion to help schools make a difference in the lives of their biggest stakeholders – their students.

I have worked with several South African and international schools and companies over the years, helping them to initiate a variety of impactful learning and marketing strategies. I believe that teachers are some of the most innovative people in the world!

Through technology and creative thinking, we are all capable of making a positive change in the lives of whole school communities.

In 2022, I was honoured to receive The Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans award in the Education category. This prestigious award recognises the work I do in terms of empowering students and educators through technology in Education.


IN-PERSON WORKSHOP: Goodbye ‘Boring’ – My Old ‘Friend’!

🗓 WHEN: Saturday, 8 October 2022

⏰ TIME: 09:00am – 13:00am (South African Standard Time – GMT+2)

📍 WHERE: Saxonwold Primary School 

📣 CATEGORY: Education 


Get ready for one of Joburg’s most exciting EdTech workshops!

Look, we totally get it – sometimes we get used to tech tools very quickly and run out of ideas on how to use these tools in new, really exciting ways. 

BUT, we have something fabulous to tell you – yes, YOU, ‘kicker’ of Boring’s butt! 😉 Listen up!

Sometimes, you only need to make small changes to your existing tools to create 🚀 super awesome lessons that really inspire and empower not only the kids in your class, but also YOU!

Join us for this incredible in-person event where we will look at ways to use existing tools in new and exciting ways!


📌 Turning static PDFs into interactive challenges

📌 Creating apps using Google Slides 

📌 Google Keep & KAMI




See our range of exciting education workshops and webinars below:

WEBINAR: Problem-solving – Helping your Students become Future-ready Problem Solvers!

🗓 DATE: To be announced

⏰ TIME: To be announced

📣 CATEGORY: Education 


In this webinar, we are going to explore with exciting ways to help learners find effective solutions to problems at school and beyond using the problem-solving process. 

Problem-solving requires us to think about solutions in new and creative ways.


📌 Listen and think calmly

📌 Consider options and respect the views of others

📌 Find constructive solutions

📌 Be sensitive to emotions

WORKSHOP: Effective Communication in the Classroom & Beyond

🗓 DATE: To be announced

⏰ TIME: To be announced

📣 CATEGORY: Education

📍 VENUE: To be announced  


When communication is effective, both learner and teacher benefit. Confidence plays a key role in ensuring that students convey messages accurately and creatively. Explore with ways to help your students become more confident and super future-ready speakers.


📌 Self Esteem – your key to great communication

📌 Listening and nonverbal communication

📌 Clarity and Confidence

📌 Empathy and constructive feedback

WEBINAR: Emotional Intelligence – How to Navigate this Ever-changing Landscape

🗓 DATE: To be announced

⏰ TIME: To be announced

📣 CATEGORY: Education 


Emotional Intelligence (EI) forms the juncture at which cognition and emotion meet. It facilitates our capacity for resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, stress management and our ability to read and navigate a plethora of social situations and conflicts.

Emotional Intelligence is important, especially during this ever-changing landscape where uncertainty often overshadows possibility.


📌 How to help students recognise emotions

📌 Manage negative feelings

📌 How to motivate yourself to get things done

📌 Sensing the emotions of others

📌 Energy and people’s reactions


We love inspiring schools through our range of marketing workshops and webinars:

WEBINAR: Incredibly Effective School Marketing Strategies

🗓 DATE: To be announced

⏰ TIME: To be announced

📣 CATEGORY: School Marketing 


Many aspects contribute to the successful marketing of schools. We work with schools through these aspects.

In this webinar, you will explore with a range of topics that will help your school stand out in a crowded and saturated market.


📌 Ensuring the sustainability of school legacies

📌 How to get your whole school community involved

📌 Starting an effective Parent-Teacher Association

📌 Clear and sustainable fundraising strategies

WORKSHOP: School Social Media Marketing – Telling your Story and Showcasing your Legacy!

🗓 DATE: To be announced

⏰ TIME: To be announced

📣 CATEGORY: School Marketing

📍 VENUE: To be announced  


Social media marketing for schools involves constantly researching ways to make online content stand out. In this workshop, we will show you how to effectively use your school’s social media channels to tell creative and inspiring stories.

We will also show you how to design incredible content through a range of FREE and Premium tools like Google Slides and Adobe Illustrator. 


📌 Creating amazing media resources

📌 Taking the perfect photo

📌 Getting your school community to follow, like & share

📌 How to do a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram page audit

WEBINAR: Digital Design – How to Create Spectacular Resources for your Digital Channels Using Adobe Illustrator

🗓 DATE: To be announced

⏰ TIME: To be announced

📣 CATEGORY: School Marketing 


Your school’s digital design materials need to be professional, impactful and captivating..

In this webinar, we are going to explore with amazing tools that will help you create awesome resources for your school’s website, social media pages and more.

We are also going to show you ways to design other school materials like covers, certificates, email signatures, school letterheads and more!


📌 How to create amazing materials with Adobe Illustrator

📌 Using your designs to encourage action

📌 Understanding and overcoming design barriers

📌 Exporting designs for digital and print


“In my time working with Frankie Cilliers, I have witnessed the knowledge he has of digital marketing and how he was able to really grasp what the school was about and put that message forward digitally! I would highly recommend his services as a teacher myself!”

Jhulan Govan

Educator, Greenside Primary

“EduElevate has incredible passion for what they do. I attended the School Social Media Marketing Hero workshop which was enlightening and very interactive!”

Tatum Norman

Educator, Drommedaris Primary

“Please continue doing what you do! Not only have I learned about social media for schools, but techniques and activities that can be used in a classroom. A very interactive and enlightening workshop!”

Sandra Kruger

Owner, Sandra's House


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