Education Rebels and Dreamers are Our Passion.

We would love to ‘rebel’ and dream with you!

Our Story:

We believe in and elevate Teacher Magic. Let’s be honest, teachers are game changers in Education who continuously push the boundaries of innovation. EduElevate was born out of this belief in 2019 – a dream of founder, Frankie Cilliers to start a consultancy FOR teachers BY teachers. In a world with so many incredible opportunities, we as Edu-Leaders have the power to create impactful change that will ensure a brighter future for our careers, our students and education as a whole. 

You, Super Amazing Teacher create magic and EduElevate would love to be part of this magic and embark on a journey with you to further explore ways to use EdTech tools, strategies and ideas in new and exciting ways. Our consultancy would love to showcase to you just how easy it is to create magic in your career and / or school. It often starts with a small change, a spark that leads to a fire of magical opportunities!

Magical opportunities that come to life through our range of highly-interactive and exciting training and design solutions focused on Project-Based Learning, Tech Integration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Bravery and more.

The Why:

We love teachers and frankly speaking, believe that they are Super Humans – incredible people who have the drive and passion to provide students with amazing opportunities that will ensure that they become brave future leaders. Whether through EdTech apps and tools or creative ideas and thinking, we would love to elevate your potential even more!

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Backed by Our Passion for Teachers and Education.

Everything We Do is Inspired by Our Over 13 Years’ Experience in the Education Sector and Our three Core Values:

1. Growth & Transformation

We work with teachers and schools to prioritise and realise opportunities in Education so they can grow and build innovative agility. We help define and implement transformation, change and potential.

2. Purpose, Meaning & Strategy

EduElevate supports teachers to discover and realise their purpose, strategy and vision in terms of Technology and Creativity in Education. We focus on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ – the bigger picture and the deeper meaning.

We help teachers understand how to use and how they can implement tools and strategies when teachers have a deeper understanding of why they are doing something and the benefit the change or implementation adds, real innovation is able to take place.

3. Individuality

We fully embrace the individual ideas and dreams of other teachers and love learning from other teachers at our workshops and events!

A big focus of our consultancy has always been to encourage mutual-learning amongst teachers providing educators with a space where they can feel empowered and motivated to share their unique ideas and strategies.

Our Founder:

“Hello, I am Frankie – an ICT Educator and Edu-Innovation Dreamer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have always been a lifelong learner and use my creative spirit, continuous drive to help teachers and students reach their full potential through Technology in Education and not forgetting my often strange, yet unique sense of humour to inspire and empower others.

Although technology plays such a significant role in what I do and how I empower others, my mission is also to empower teachers and schools through various future skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, bravery and more. I believe that true innovation and Edu-Magic takes place when we use technology not merely as a substitute, but as a powerful tool to help students attain these future skills. 

My goal is to inspire teachers to dream big so that they can inspire their students to dream big too and aim higher than ever before. What I absolutely love about my career is that I make people laugh along the way! It is so fulfilling to see the happiness and positive energy in the room whenever I do training or keynote presentations. I would love to work with you to find ways to elevate your already fantastic Edu-Innovation ideas.”

Let’s Connect and Create Magic:

What We Offer:


Our range of interactive workshops challenge teachers to think critically about EdTech and Education.

Each workshop encourages active engagement where teachers brainstorm innovative ideas, identify opportunities, make decisions and develop solutions using EdTech tools and strategies!


Need a speaker or trainer for your next Edu-Innovation / EdTech event or workshop? We would love to be part of the excitement!

Having spoken at events attended by local and international guests from as far as Dubai and London, our founder, Frankie Cilliers would love to inspire and empower your guests!


Are you a teacher job hunting and need a bit of help to redesign your CV? Or perhaps you’re looking to add a bit of magic to your classroom through professionally designed posters.

Our ‘Edu-Graphic-Magineers’ are ready to create something spectacular for you! We also assist schools with graphic design needs. 


We understand that some schools and teachers prefer customised and more personal professional development and design solutions.

EduElevate is ready to inspire and empower your team and would love to discuss a more personalised solution for your school or team that are specific to your unique needs.

Our Accreditations:

Apart from our hundreds of hours of training, workshops and events, our team also completed their certifications at some of the world’s leading tech companies.

What People Say:

“Frankie, you were the talk of our school today. Thank you so much for inspiring our teachers in EdTech. I can’t wait to have you back!”

Laralyn Britz

Durban Girls' College

“EduElevate has incredible passion for what they do. I attended the School Social Media Marketing Hero workshop which was enlightening and very interactive!”

Tatum Myers

Drommedaris Primary School

“In my time working with Frankie Cilliers, I have witnessed the knowledge he has of digital marketing and how he was able to really grasp what the school was about and put that message forward digitally! I would highly recommend his services as a teacher myself!”

Jhulan Govan

The Ridge School

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