We are future thinkers who uplift, empower and inspire school communities.

EduElevate was founded by Frankie Cilliers in 2019. As a former educator himself, he has always made it his mission to make a change in the lives of education communities by thinking innovatively.

Working with several international organisations and initiating a variety of impactful strategies, he realised the importance of ensuring the sustainability of schools through creative storytelling and learning, the use of technology and the empowerment of teachers and students to achieve innovation.

With over 12 years experience in the education and school marketing sector, EduElevate empowers teachers & learners, as well as businesses in education with the necessary tools to effectively create innovation in their TEACHING, learning, marketing and beyond.  

Our strategies enable schools to tell captivating stories through marketing, and also empowers teachers to learn and teach in new and impactful ways.

We offer a range of workshops and webinars for teachers and schools to ensure maximum benefit from our expertise and experience.

We believe that the innovation in education should include whole school community involvement.

EduElevate is about breaking down barriers and finding unique ways to support game changers in education. We are fuelled by PASSION and CREATIVITY, ready to embark with you on an ‘innovation revolution adventure’! 


Google Certified Educator | Apple Teacher | Microsoft Innovative Educator | KAMI Certified | iAB EUROPE CERTIFIED

To me, future thinking involves creating captivating stories and showing the world what our learners and teachers are capable of.

Education is not about quantity and traditional thinking, it is about quality and exploring new ways of teaching and learning through innovative tech tools that illuminate new possibility. Improving the quality of education by encouraging learners to become leaders in classrooms and motivating teachers to embrace change and future thinking is what drives me.

I have worked with several international, as well as local businesses and schools over the years, making it my mission to elevate brands and education.

My education career stretches over 11 years. From being a principal, teacher, keynote speaker and entrepreneur, I have always made it my mission to make a change in the lives of whole school communities both in South Africa and beyond.

I have always believed that education should not only be limited to the classroom – we should be pioneers in schools – innovators and game changers. Education is not only about what we do at school, it goes far beyond that – we should make a lasting impact through future thinking.

My passion is learners and teachers and empowering them through innovative thinking. My mission is to help learners and teachers realise their true potential, their creativity and passion.

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Our range of exciting education workshops and webinars help educators find new and exciting ways to integrate technology. We show educators how to use apps and other amazing tech tools to create innovation in their classes. We also help them to create fantastic lessons.


We cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing for schools. We show schools how to effectively tell their stories online through impactful content. We assist schools with effective digital marketing strategies that attract new parents and inspire their current school community. 



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