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Welcome to the ultimate, super-powered Project-based Learning Workshop for Teachers! This workshop is designed to provide educators with valuable insights, strategies, and practical tools to effectively implement Project-based Learning (PBL) in their classrooms.

PBL is a student-centered approach that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and creativity. Throughout this workshop, Japari School educators will explore the benefits of PBL, learn how to design engaging projects and discover effective methods for fostering innovative and empowering student learning.


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Fully understand the concept and principles of Project-based Learning.
  • Implement practical strategies for designing successful PBL experiences.
  • Integrate PBL into their existing curriculum and lessons.
  • Explore effective and interactive methods for assessing and evaluating student learning within the PBL method.


Two Hour in-person workshop.


    • Gain a deep understanding of Project-based learning and its benefits for student engagement and deep learning.
    • Acquire in-depth practical knowledge about PBL tools, apps and strategies to design and implement effective PBL experiences.
    • Collaborate with fellow educators to share best practices and innovative ideas through various engaging group activities.
    • Receive resources to continue implementing PBL in the classroom.


    • Introduction to Project-based Learning: Key concepts and principles.
    • Benefits of Project-based Learning for students’ skills development.
    • Designing effective and engaging Project-based learning experiences.
    • Exploring real-world connections and authentic PBL assessment methods.
    • Refining Project-based Learning objectives and goals as a process.
    • Facilitating learner engagement and collaboration within projects.
    • Assessing and evaluating student learning in Project-based Learning.
    • Incorporating technology and multimedia in PBL projects.


    1. Understanding Project-based Learning:

      • Definition and characteristics of impactful Project-based Learning.
      • Differentiating PBL from traditional instruction.
      • Research-based evidence supporting PBL.

    2. Designing effective PBL experiences:

      • Identifying project ideas and selecting appropriate topics.
      • Structuring project timelines.
      • Aligning projects with learning objectives.

    3. Facilitating student engagement and collaboration:

      • Creating a collaborative classroom culture.
      • Scaffolding and supporting student inquiry and problem-solving.
      • Fostering teamwork and communication skills.
      • Managing student roles and responsibilities within projects.

    4. Assessing and evaluating student learning:

      • Providing constructive feedback and reflection opportunities.
      • Using learner self-assessment and peer assessment in PBL.

    5. Integrating technology and multimedia:

      • Leveraging technology tools and platforms to enhance PBL experiences.
      • Incorporating multimedia elements into project presentations.
      • Developing digital literacy skills within projects.
      • Exploring online collaboration and research resources.


    R320 per person which includes:

    • Access to the workshop and any associated materials such as handouts, a specially designed resource website for Japari School, presentations and more.
    • Instruction and guidance from an experienced and award-winning instructor.
    • Hands-on experience and activities to develop skills and knowledge in the workshop topic.
    • Certificate of achievement upon completion of the workshop.
    • Access to online resources even after the workshop.

    The Deets:

    • VENUE: Japari School
    • DATE: Tuesday, 4 July 2023
    • TIME: 15:00 to 17:00


    The Phenomenal PBL Mastery Workshop for Teachers aims to equip educators with the knowledge, strategies and resources needed to implement PBL successfully and in an impactful way.

    By embracing this learner-centred approach, teachers can empower their students to become active, independent learners capable of solving real-world problems through creativity, critical thinking and bravery! 

      Your Presenter:

      Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans · As Featured on Newzroom Afrika and DSTV

      “Hello, I am Frankie – an ICT Educator and Edu-Innovation Dreamer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have always been a lifelong learner and use my creative spirit, continuous drive to help teachers and students reach their full potential through Technology in Education and not forgetting my often strange, yet unique sense of humour to inspire and empower others.

      Although technology plays such a significant role in what I do and how I empower others, my mission is also to empower teachers and schools through various future skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, bravery and more. I believe that true innovation and Edu-Magic takes place when we use technology not merely as a substitute, but as a powerful tool to help students attain these future skills. 

      My goal is to inspire teachers to dream big so that they can inspire their students to dream big too and aim higher than ever before. What I absolutely love about my career is that I make people laugh along the way! It is so fulfilling to see the happiness and positive energy in the room whenever I do training or keynote presentations. I would love to work with you to find ways to elevate your already fantastic Edu-Innovation ideas.”

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      Apart from our hundreds of hours of training, workshops and events, our team also completed their certifications at some of the world’s leading tech companies.

      What People Say:

      “Frankie, you were the talk of our school today. Thank you so much for inspiring our teachers in EdTech. I can’t wait to have you back!”

      Laralyn Britz

      Durban Girls' College

      “EduElevate has incredible passion for what they do. I attended the School Social Media Marketing Hero workshop which was enlightening and very interactive!”

      Tatum Myers

      Drommedaris Primary School

      “In my time working with Frankie Cilliers, I have witnessed the knowledge he has of digital marketing and how he was able to really grasp what the school was about and put that message forward digitally! I would highly recommend his services as a teacher myself!”

      Jhulan Govan

      The Ridge School

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